Due to the Corona Virus (COVID19) we are evolving with the methods in which we operate, making it safe for our customers and our staff to function as “normal” during this pandemic. We have introduced a number of extra precautionary procedures into our award winning service. These consist of:-

  • Sole Driver Collection Occupancy
  • Sole Driver Return Occupancy
  • Complete Sanitation of vehicle inside and door handles outside
  • Non-contact collection
  • Non-contact drop off
  • Sanitiser Supplied Gratis for all customers


When your car is collected, only ONE driver will be within the vehicle, this will be the same driver who parks your vehicle at our secure concrete compound, no other person will enter the vehicle until it is time to bring it back for you. Your vehicle will be sanitised upon collection by the driver, and wiped down anti bacteria sanitiser upon parking up.


One driver will collect your driver from the secure compound lock up and will be the same driver who delivers your vehicle back – we cannot guarantee it will be the same driver who originally collected it, due to logistics and staff rotas, however we will do our utmost to ensure it is. Once again the driver will not be swapped throughout the return.


Upon delivery of your vehicle the inside will be sanitised on the seats, steering wheel, gear stick, hand brake and dashboard areas, and will be sanitised on the door handles and door frame, the key will be placed inside a plastic container along with your free sanitiser and placed upon the vehicle bonnet.


Upon arrival to the airport, you will be met by our staff who will pass you (at arms length) a plastic envelope to put your keys in and with paperwork to sign, sanitiser will be handed to you upon request, once you have removed your luggage from the vehicle then place the envelope with signed paperwork and keys onto the bonnet ready for our staff to check and take the vehicle. Our staff will guide you through the procedure when they are on site, so don’t worry if you cant remember it all.


Once our staff arrive on site to the airport, we will vacate the vehicle, sanitise the inside fully, and sanitise the door handles and door frame, we will then lock the vehicle, sanitise the key and envelope and leave it all on the bonnet for you – within full sight of us – until your arrival.  Once again if you are unsure of anything our staff will guide you through the process.


We will leave Sanitiser for our customers with the pre-sanitised keys.


All our staff have been trained to carry out our new procedures and policies, we fully understand this is a learning curve for our customers and we ask that you allow us to do our jobs to this specific manner, we will advise you of the procedures if required – we appreciate that some people insist “this is not real” and we ask that you still adhere to the 2 metre social distancing in place, as well as our staffs right to carry out their duties.